Make Your body active and powerful. Promote your health and life quality. SEVEN EFFECTS: 1. A Complete Body Massage 2. Disinfecting 3. Detoxification 4. Relieving Fatigue 5. Cell Rejuvenation 6. Enhance Physical Performance 7. Beauty & Skin Care & Body Reshaping

PRODUCT CONCEPTS Mother Nature's Therapy - Water Therapy 1. A therapy that uses the special properties of water - heat, floating power, pressure etc., to heal sickness. In addition, constant pumping of air into the water increases its speed of movement which helps in massaging, relieving pains and inflammation, relaxing, promoting blood circulation, quicken wound healing, etc. 2. By means of water therapy together with ozone, ultrasonic wave and negative ions, a natural and healthy environmental is created. It is equivalent to the natural environment of the forests, hot springs and waterfalls. Such environment promotes good health and longevity. 3. Through modern technology, water therapy is found to be the most natural way of promoting good health and longevity in the 21st century.

Miraculous Ultrasonic wave 1. As a result of the strong air movement of the SPA machine and the impact of the gushing out of hundreds of thousands of bubbles, ultrasonic wave is produced. 2. The energized bubbles produce about 100,000Hz ultrasonic wave vibration frequency having a massaging effect on the cells, blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, deep cleansing, relieving fatigue.

Active Ozone 1. Ozone is a very active gas. Under normal temperature, it can turn into oxygen giving rise to a fresh environment as that experienced in a forest bath. When put in water, ozone eiminates chlorine, odor and other impurities. 2. Effects of ozone - destruction of microorganism of various skin diseases, cell rejuvenation, promotes blood circulation and strengthens muscles, tendons and ligaments, detoxification, beauty and skin care. Healthy Negative Ions 1. When energized bubbles burst out, huge amount of negative ions are released, the resulting effect is similar to that experienced in a waterfall bath. Other than cleansing the air, it replenishes negative ions to human body. 2. Negative ions help in the regulation of autonomic nerves, enhance immune system, improve acidic body constitution, maintain acid-base balance in the blood, etc.

The Warm Nanometer Far Infrared Light 1. Nanometer Far infrared light is also called the light of life. It helps in cell rejuvenation and metabolism, producing a warm effect in the body. 2. Far infrared light improves water quality and eliminates chlorine, producing an effect like that experienced in a natural hot spring.